Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bihor Mountains, Romania (Bihor-Gebirge, Rumänien) (Bihar-hegység, Románia) 09.2010.

Back in September, 2010 we took part on a trip organised by the university to the Bihor mountains, to complete the Galbena Tour in the Apuseni Nature Park, a quite strenuous one that lasted more than 10 hours to complete (for infos on this tour, see for example this page. It involves some climbing on cables!). As this trip was rather for hiking than for photography, I only took my Fujifilm HS10 (with the Raynox DCR-250 macro lens) with me and I made only a few photos. Nevertheless, the Bihor mountains proved to be a very exciting place with a remarkable fauna. This area is part of the Apuseni Mountains, a mountain range that is isolated from the rest of the Carpathians. The Nortern part of these mountains are fold mountains, the Southern parts were created due to vulcanic activity. Location: Bihor Mountains. Date: 25.09.2010.