Thursday, June 11, 2009

Central Bükk Mts., Hungary (Zentrales Bükk-Gebirge, Ungarn) (Bükk-hgys. középső része, Magyarország) 06.2009

During the university field trip in June, 2009 we spent some time in the middle part of the Bükk mts. The most interesting landscape here is the Nagymező on the Bükk Plateau, a mountain pasture/meadow that was formed some hundreds of years ago when a part of the forest was chopped down. Grazing animals, mainly horses helped to maintain the treeless landscape and later this area became a refuge for many rare plants that need the cool mountain climate but can not grow in the forest. Nowadays, a herd of Lipizzans are kept here by the Bükk National Park. Of course, the arthropod fauna is also very interesting here. Location: Central Bükk Mts. Date: 06.2009.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Western Bükk Mts., Hungary (Westliches Bükk-Gebirge, Ungarn) (Bükk-hgys. nyugati része, Magyarország) 06.2009.

As a biologist student in June, 2009 I took part on a field trip into the Bükk mts. (almost entirely a National Park) in North-East Hungary. We traveled through much of the Western part of this mountain range and we also made a long trip in the central part. The weather was unusually wet for this time of the year in 2009 but this fact resulted in many flowers that were still in blossom, so, after all we had luck. Here are some photos, mainly of plants, made on that week. Location: Western Bükk Mts. Date: 06.2009.