Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nyírábrány, Hungary (Nyírábrány, Ungarn) (Nyírábrány, Magyarország) 09-10.2014.

In the autumn I visited the lowland hay meadows and alkaline fens of the Teleki Pasture, the birch moor in Keszler-tag, and the ash-dominated riparian mixed forests of the Kis-Mogyorós Forest, Natura 2000 sites in Nyírábrány, South Nyírség Region. Location: Nyírábrány. Date: 09-10.2014.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miskolc, Hungary (Miskolc, Ungarn) (Miskolc, Magyarország) 08-10.2014.

In the late summer and autumn of 2014 I visited two tourist destinations in the Bükk Mountains, Lillafüred and Miskolctapolca. Along native ones, at both places I spotted many non-native species. Especially the thermal waters of Miskolctapolca hosted many alien species. Location: Miskolc. Date: 08-09.2014.